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The Time of the Prophet (aws)
545: Birth of Abdullah, the Prophet's father
570: Birth of the Prophet
577: The Prophet visits Medina with his mother. Death of his mother
580: Death of Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Prophet
583: The Prophet's journey to Syria with his uncle Abu Talib. His meeting with the monk Bahira who foretells of his prophethood on the Vulkan Vegas Casino Seite
594: The Prophet becomes the Manager of the business of Khadija
595: The Prophet marries Khadija
605: The Prophet arbitrates in a dispute among the Quraysh about the placing of the Black Stone in the Kabah
610: The first revelation in the cave at Mt. Hira
612: Declaration at Mt. Sara inviting the general public to Islam
615: Persecution of the Muslims by the Quraysh. Muslims leaves for Abyssinia
616: Second journey to Abysinnia
617: Social boycott of Muslims and their allies by the Quraysh
619: Deaths of Abu Talib and Khadija. Year of sorrow.
620: Ascension to the heavens.
622: The Prophet and the Muslims migrate to Yathrib (Medina)
624: Battle of Badr
625: Battle of Uhud; birth of Imam Hasan
626: Birth of Imam Husayn,. Sayyid ash-Shuhada (prince of martyrs)
627: Battle of the Trench
628: Truce of Hudaibiya
629: The Prophet performs the pilgrimage at Makkah
630: Conquest of Makkah
632: Farewell pilgrimage at Makkah
632: Death of the Prophet

Rashidun: 632-
632-634: Abu Bakr
634-644: Umar ibn al-Khattab
644-656: Uthman ibn Affan
650: Saad ibn Abi Waqqas in China
655: Text of Quran finalized
656: Imam Ali moves his HQ to Kufa
656-661: Ali ibn Abi Talib

And After...
661:  UMAYYAD CALIPHATE (Damascus)
691: Dome of the Rock completed in Jerusalem
699-705: Ja'far as-Sādiq (the truthful), the sixth Imam, born (date uncertain)
711: Conquest of Spain
732: Muslims are defeated at Potiers in France by Charles Martel
789-809: Harun al-Rashid
801: Death of Rabia
762: Foundation of Baghdad
796: The English King Offa mints a coin with the Shahadah on it
870: Sahih al-Bukhari dies
874: Bayazid Al-Bistāmī dies
922: al-Hallāj executed
934: The 'occultation' of Muhammad al-Mahdī, the Hidden Imam, is announced
1037: Death of Ibn Sina
1067: Shaykhu't-Ta'ifa dies
1055: Seljuk Turks conquer Baghdad
1099: European Crusaders take Jerusalem
1111: Death of al-Ghazali
1166: 'Abdu'l-Qādir al-Jīlāni (founder of Qādīriya) dies
1187: Saladin retakes Jerusalem
1230: Farīd ad-Dīn 'Attār dies
1236: Chistī dies
1240: Death of Ibn al-'Arabī
1273: Death of Jalalu'd-din Rumi

The Ottomans: 1299-
1389: Ottomans defeat Serbs and Bulgars at the Battle of Kosovo
1391: Hāfiz dies
1406: Ibn Khaldun dies
1453: Mehmed II conquers Constantinople, renames it Istanbul
1505: Jalal ad-Din Suyuti dies
1520-66: Suleiman the Magnificent
1529 and 1623: Ottoman sieges of Vienna
1636: Chair of Arabic established at the University of Oxford
1654: Taj Mahal completed
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism: 1700-
1761: Death of Shah Waliullah
1776: US Declaration of Independence
1789: Storming of the Bastille in Paris
1798: Napoleon invades Egypt
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism: 1800-
1800: Approximately 30% of Africans enslaved in the USA are Muslim
1811: British occupy Indonesia
1814: Treaty of Gulistan
1816: British withdrew from Indonesia restoring it to the Dutch
1827: Malaya became a preserve of the British (Anglo- Netherland treaty)
1830: French forces land near Algiers
1848: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish 'Communist Manifesto'
1857: British capture Delhi
1870: Arabs begin emigrating to the United States
1875: Sale of the Suez canal to Britain
1879: Turkey loses 80% of its territory in Europe (Treaty of Berlin)
1880: Sudanese rise against the British led by the "Mahdi"
1882: Egypt comes under British military occupation
1887: Quilliam converts to Islam
1889: Britain's first mosque opens in Woking
1895: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian claims prophethood

Colonialism and Post-Colonialism: 1900-
1901: French forces occupy Morocco
1912: Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi and musician, arrives in Britain
1917: Balfour Declaration
1920: Sykes-Picot agreement
1922: Mustafa Kemal abolishes the Sultanate
1928: Muslim Brotherhood founded
1930: The Nation of Islam created in the USA
1932: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia founded
1934: Ibn 'Aliwa dies
1935: Death of Rashid Rada, founder of the Salafiyyah movement
1936: Shaykh Abdullah Ali al-Hakima arrives in Britain
1938: Death of the Poet Muhammad Iqbal
1947: Pakistan created
1948: Establishment of Israel
1949: Hasan al-Banna, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is assassinated; the Uighur region of China is occupied by Chairman Mao
1952: The McCarren-Walter Act relaxes the U.S. ban on Asian immigration
1953: The foundation stone is laid to enlarge the Prophet's mosque in Medina
1953: Abdullah Yusuf Ali dies
1956: Morocco and Tunisia become independent
1961: Sufi Abdullah and Pir Marouf arrive in Britain
1962: Commonwealth Immigration Act comes into force in the UK
1962: Algeria becomes independent
1964: PLO founded
1966: Sayyid Qutb executed
1967: Six-Day War
1968: The enlargement of the Haram in Makkah is completed
1973: Yom Kippur War
1975: Nation of Islam renamed American Muslim Mission
1976: The Race Relations Act is passed in the UK
1978: Camp David agreement
1979: Iranian revolution; death of Abu Ala Mawdudi
1987: Beginning of the first Intifada
1989: Fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie by Ayatollah Khomeini
1990-91: Gulf War
1992: BJP members dismantle Mosque at Ayodhya in India; FIS prevented from taking power in Algeria; Shaykh Al-Islam Ma'rifa is born
1992-9: Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo become victims of Europe's first post-war 'ethnic cleansing'
1993: Oslo Accords
1994: Taliban assume power in Afghanistan
1996: Idries Shah dies
2000: Beginning of the second Intifada

Umayyad Caliphate (Damascus): 661-750
Abbasid Caliphate (Baghdad): 750-1258
The Ottomans: 1258-1918
Umayyad emirate (Spain): 756-1031
Fatimids (Cairo): 972-1171
Safavid Empire (Persia): 1501-1723
Delhi Sultanates (North India): 1200-1526
Mughal dynasty ( India): 1526-1857

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