M C S Documents

Muslim community service documents regarding Muslim funeral

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Janaazah Salaah
Times when Janaazah Salaah could be Performed

Last Steps for Janaza
Last Steps for Janaazah when lowering Janaazah in the Qabr

The Janaazah Du’aa
The Janaazah Du’aa for adult male or female and DUA for Minors

Visiting the graveyard (QABRASTAN)
Du’aa for visiting the graveyard (QABRASTAN)

Funeral Wishes Template for anyone Embracing Islam
Funeral Wishes Template
(If you require this funeral wish document please email your details to info@mfs.org.uk  or text your details and we will send the printed document to your local Masjid which you have nominate to be witness and singed.

Free DVD for anyone wishing to Embracing Islam
Contents List of Roots of Islam DVD, Free DVD for anyone Embracing Islam